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Privacy Statement

Here at, LLC we take your privacy very seriously. We never share any of the data used when you browse, register or purchase through our site. We don't sell, trade, or let other companies “borrow” your email address, physical address, phone number, or any other information you may give us.

What information does collected?

When you browse our site:

Whenever you access the Internet, you send a website a request to send your computer information at it's ip address (an ip address is like your computer's location on the Internet – where we send that data your requested). Websites also collect information about the size of your monitor, which browser you are using, and other information about your computer so that the website displays the right size and speed. We can later look at that data and see some information about your computer, your ip address (which always can tell us which country and state you are in, and which can sometimes tell us which county you are in or, if you browsing while at work, which business you work for), and which pages you visited (but only on our site). We use this data to determine if we have broken pages (failed data requests), if people like certain pages, and if our shopping experience is the best it can be. We use google analytics and statcounter to help us sort through this data.

When you purchase or register on

When purchasing products or registering an account on our site, we record your name, shipping and billing address, order, and potentially some other info that you fill out (such as “special concerns” and “comments”). We only use this information for three reasons:

o                                                        1. To process, fulfill, and ship your order

o                                                        2. To contact you to confirm the order (to prevent fraud)

o                                                        3. To contact you regarding support, sale, or other inquiries that you initiate.


If you don't feel comfortable giving this information out on the Internet, it's no big deal, just feel free to call us. We have to call you anyways to confirm your order, and this will just expedite the ordering and shipping process.

 When you put your credit card info in the site, your card is immediately processed and either approved or rejected. We do not store full credit card information - only truncated digits for compliance reasons.

Supplemental sources we use when you order

When an order does take place, we compare the ip address of the order to the shipping and billing physical addresses. This is for your protection, if you live in Colorado and someone from a Russia computer is trying to use your credit card, we obviously won't accept it.

What happens if we change our privacy policies?

We will notify you by email and get your permission for any change.

Security Measures

All credit card transactions are encrypted over SSL.

We are PC Compliant and secured by Norton and security tested by McAfee. 

To ask a question or register a complaint about the handling of your data

You can reach us at 

Phone Number: 1(800) 658-3181