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A New Beginning With Hi Definition Surveillance

A New Beginning With Hi Definition Surveillance

For the past 30 years, the surveillance industry has widely spread to many different facets of the security industry. Once exclusively used in applications for the military, Banks, Big department Stores, and let’s not forget about the “Eyes in the Sky” in Las Vegas’ Casinos. Within the past 15 years, the affordability of surveillance equipment has allowed the end user to become more inclusive.

               We have seen more and more surveillance footage of uncharacteristic incidents that normally would not have been seen if not for some sort of surveillance camera. More recently, the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombing were apprehended within days of the incident, due to the footage recovered from a nearby surveillance camera. Now we can depend on the same technology for our own security needs, creating a mountain of surveillance footage of criminals being caught on video Red handed committing home invasions, car theft, property damage, and vandalism. Now that we have the technology more as a necessity, it’s time to use it at the highest quality possible.

                Having a dramatic incident like a home robbery or car theft on surveillance video is a big step to apprehending the suspects who committed the crime. But depending on a less than quality Surveillance system could cause you lose that once in a lifetime shot of the perpetrator. That’s why Hi Definition Surveillance is the only way to provide that precious footage in high clarity video, that you can depend on. iWATCHER Plus is proud to bring you an exquisite line of Hi Definition Surveillance Equipment.

Starting with AHD (Analog High Definition), a Korea launched technology that uses Nextchip as its HD analog chipset. Hi Definition over Coax makes it an easy transition when upgrading your old surveillance. AHD is fairly new to the Surveillance industry, but that make it the most affordable of the three. With its unproven track record, some clients may choose CVI or TVI . But now that AHD has included 1080p in the family, it set a fair tone for quality and affordability.


HD CVI will commonly considered to be the front runner of the three. Dahua launch HD-CVI(High Definition Composite Video Interface), in early 2012. Another High Definition over coax solution with a full line of both 720p and 1080p cameras, makes HD CVI a great choice. Stability and with great craftsmanship, allows us here at iWATCHER Plus, to give Dahua’s HD CVI ‘two thumbs up’ and our bang for your buck award.


HD-TVI means (High Definition Transport Video Interface). TVI was launched by Hikvision, but develop in 2012 by Techpoint,Inc a chipset engineering team from Silicon Valley. Providing the highest quality video, TVI’s 2 megapixel 1080p video quality is one step down from renowned elephant in the room, IP Network Cameras. IP Cameras can provide the highest quality video with its wide adaptation of megapixel lenses ranging from 1.3 up 8 megapixels. But it is unquestionably the most expenses of any Surveillance system available. TVI does have somewhat of an edge over the competition. With over 100 CCTV manufactures around the world using this technology, will allow TVI to become the most competitive with price. And that’s why iWATCHER Plus depends on TVI’s technology to provide our customers with the highest quality, most affordable surveillance system available.




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